Made by the community for the community

Thanks to all the communities, our project continues to grow every day!



zVods helps more than users follow the full content, along with chat from their favorite content creators!



We currently serve channels, with the intention of expanding the official channels and in the future with plans for community channels!



With more than content available, our site continues to expand with more and more faithful posting of full content with chat!

Leadership & Partnership

Currently the project is developed, maintained and led by two developers.


CEO & Developer


CEO & Developer


Our goal in creating zVods is to try to help the community by not losing the full content. Realizing that usually only edited videos, short clips or screenshots of lives are saved, we decided to create a platform to save live broadcasts and also the energy provided by the chat. We have no limits to creation in the project. We have goals of allowing anyone to post their content on zVods, our idea is just to expand.


Like any company, zVods was also created with the thought that one day it will become profitable, but we don't want to be predatory about it. We don't want to get in the way of the user experience, as we are also platform users. Therefore, we have no plans to fill the user's screen with ads and pop-ups in order to profit from views. Every business has its time and we make zVods because we like it, not because we want to get rich.


We don't store any passwords for your accounts. For your security, our authentication is OAuth, which means that when you authenticate via a social network, you don't give us access to anything other than your e-mail address. This means that under no circumstances can our services compromise your passwords or accounts on other platforms.


We need team members all the time. We're currently expanding the project like never before, creating new programs like the recorder or our content cutting studio, and for that we need people with a desire to grow. If you're one of those people, get in touch, we'd love to have you on our team.


As a community project, we are interested in expanding to more and more communities. For this, your recommendation of our service on other channels, your donation and your frequency of visits to the site are important. We would like to thank the community for all their support since the project was launched. What can we expect from zVods? Well, no one can predict the future, but we will try to make life easier and easier for the end user, who always wants to see a live stream and a chat from their favorite content creator. Interested in the project? Get in touch, donate, get involved! Welcome to zVods!